Patreon Bonus Stories

At my Patreon, subscribers get monthly bonus stories, weekly chapters from new novels, and some behind-the-scenes peeks at deleted scenes, my writing process, and my adorable cat. This page is an index of all the currently-available bonus stories, totaling over 50,000 words of extra content about new and familiar characters. A $3 subscription gives you access to the entire archive.

Index last updated May 4, 2023.

Perilous Courts

Is it weird that I like watching you sleep? (Julien/Whisper – Prince and Assassin)
From nightmares to dreams, three nights in Julien and Whisper’s bed.
Julien presses a kiss to his forehead. “There you are.”

Watching the Sunset (Julien/Whisper – Prince and Assassin)
Julien and Whisper spend a secluded, sexy evening alone on the beach.
“Rest your hands on my legs,” Julien murmurs. “And just sit here while I play with you.”

A Greenhaven Birthday (Julien/Whisper – Prince and Assassin)
Julien’s birthday is coming up. He wants to give Whisper a present.
Julien wants to make sure Whisper always feels valued. That he knows how much Julien adores and appreciates him.

Playing Pirates (Rakos/Bellamy – Prince in Disguise)
Rakos pretends to be a pirate. Bellamy pretends to be a hostage. Their acting skills are even worse than usual.
“Oh, no, no, no. We’re not doing anything with a peg leg. You don’t even have a peg leg.”

A Farmer’s Life for Me (Rakos/Bellamy – Prince in Disguise)
Bellamy takes Rakos out on a date. It’s a surprise.
Rakos doesn’t ask where they’re going. He’s already asked three times, and Bell has refused to answer.

The Triple Crown Attempt (Audric/Corin and Emile – Prince and Pawn)
Exploring Emile’s wardrobe leads to several shocking revelations.
Corin has figured out why Emile wants to befriend him now. Apparently Emile’s sister Cosette stopped letting him dress her up when she turned twelve—when she hit a growth spurt that let her outrun him.


Practice Makes Perfect (Arthur/Shae – The Necromancer’s Light)
Magic practice turns smutty in Arthur and Shae’s kitchen.
Arthur’s never been shy about marking his neck. Shae hardly minds; he’d rather be noticed for hickeys than for his necromancer’s rings.

Ghostly Games (Arthur/Shae – The Necromancer’s Light)
Arthur and Shae explore a haunted house together—until they get separated.
The atmosphere chills immediately when they cross the threshold. Shae is intensely grateful for Arthur’s presence, keeping him warm.

Midwinter Lights (Arthur/Shae – The Necromancer’s Light)
Arthur and Shae celebrate the Midwinter Festival in Lanwatch—and murder a few innocent pies along the way.
“They’ve tolerated my necromancy for well over a year now. I refuse to further darken my reputation by becoming an accessory to baking crimes.”

Long-Distance (Ronan/Karis – The Paladin’s Shadow)
Ronan has to leave town for a couple of weeks. Karis uses his scrying powers to watch him jerk off.
“If you miss me, you have permission to spy on me at any time, no matter what.”

A Very Important Date (Ronan/Karis – The Paladin’s Shadow)
Karis plans a romantic date night for him and Ronan. The disguise isn’t a great idea.
“Morning, handsome.” Karis idly traces Ronan’s abs, possessive pride clear in his every movement.

Bonding Time (Evain/Leth – The Sword-Witch’s Heart)
Leth tries to tease Evain. He ends up playing himself instead.
“You know, you could have just used our nice silk rope.” Evain tests his wrists against the binding array overhead.

The Wishing Falls (Evain/Leth – The Sword-Witch’s Heart)
Evain and Leth’s vacation continues with an afternoon at a special local waterfall.
“First, she can only grant very simple, temporary wishes. Second, they have to be sexy wishes.”

Markings (Arthur/Shae, Ronan/Karis, and Evain/Leth)
Three vignettes celebrating the Radiance series anniversary, themed around “markings.”
Shae meets his husband’s eyes, then leaves the rings on the kitchen table and heads for the bedroom.

The Talk (Arthur/Shae and Ronan/Karis)
Arthur and Ronan finally talk about that whole stabbing thing.
Ronan’s betrayal paled in comparison to that of the order, who bound the gods and punished Arthur for Ronan’s sins.

The Wrong Ingredient (Darren/Tally – The Sword-Witch’s Heart Side Characters)
Darren finds Tally under the influence of an aphrodisiac. He lends a helping hand, and more.
“I’m not sick,” Tally exhales, heat in his breath.

Raven Park Wolves

Morning After Happy Hour (Jack/Avery)
A smutty coda to Werewolf Happy Hour.
Avery twisted around in Jack’s arms, sitting to look at him. The sight was breathtaking; the sheets had fallen to their waists, and all that long muscle was spread out for him.

Arcane Academy (Patreon Exclusive)

Taran and the Great Infernal Arvalex (Arvalex/Taran)
A stressed-out student sorcerer gets a relaxing massage — and more — from his sexy demon familiar.
Deep laughter rumbles around the room, echoing from the stone walls. “I think you almost had it that time, Master.”

Taran and the Never-Ending Lube (Arvalex/Taran)
Arvalex assists with Taran’s continued pursuit of a suitable thesis project.
Taran jumps up suddenly. “I’ve got it!” he shouts, elbowing over one of the lube vials. He swears and manages to catch it before it falls off the counter like the last one.

Office Hours (Bastien/Remy)
Student sorcerer Remy attempts to seduce his professor for a better grade. There are just a few flaws in his plan.
Professor Vero Bastien is human. Probably. He’s very tall for a human, and while his shoulders aren’t as broad as an orc’s or dwarf’s, he fills out his tailored dark suits in a way that makes Remy desperate to see what’s underneath.

Remy and the Multi-Tasking Tentacles (Bastien/Remy)
Remy discovers Professor Bastien isn’t actually human.
When he isn’t trying to seduce anyone, Remy’s absolutely brilliant. Well. Remy’s brilliant at seduction too, though not the way he intends.

Transfer Student (Morrigan/Vellix)
The best part about transferring universities is Vellix’s cute new roommate. The worst part is the mortal peril.
He doesn’t relax when he gets to his assigned room, though. The obstacle of the door still awaits him. What are the odds that his new roommate has booby trapped the door?

Getting Lucky (Morrigan/Vellix)
Sleeping with his new boyfriend is more complicated than anticipated.
He stops short in the doorway of their shared dorm room, stunned by the amount of ritual chalk covering the wooden floor.

Zevankan Warlord Setting (Patreon Exclusive)

Harriad the Grim Summons a Catboy (Harriad/Sidra)
A warlock warlord attempts to summon a demon. He accidentally summons something much cuter, yet much more devious.
The runes dim to ordinary red chalk, and in the center of the circle stands the smallest demon Harriad has ever seen.

Unnamed Modern Vampire Setting (Patreon Exclusive)

Digital Prey (Jason/Felix)
Vampire hunter Jason meets a surprisingly modern — and very pretty — vampire.
Jason has found vampires in all sorts of places. Graveyards, nightclubs, museums. But he’s never found one in an arcade before.

Dinner Date (Jason/Felix)
Felix is desperate enough to ask a hunter for help.
Felix doesn’t open the hookup app every day. About once a week, maybe, whenever he gets hungry.