Patreon Bonus Stories

At my Patreon, subscribers get monthly bonus stories, weekly chapters from new novels, and some behind-the-scenes peeks at deleted scenes, my writing process, and my adorable cat. This page is an index of all the currently-available bonus stories.

Index last updated Sept 24, 2021.


Practice Makes Perfect (Arthur/Shae)
Magic practice turns smutty in Arthur and Shae’s kitchen.
Arthur’s never been shy about marking his neck. Shae hardly minds; he’d rather be noticed for hickeys than for his necromancer’s rings.

Raven Park Wolves

Morning After Happy Hour (Jack/Avery)
A smutty coda to Werewolf Happy Hour.
Avery twisted around in Jack’s arms, sitting to look at him. The sight was breathtaking; the sheets had fallen to their waists, and all that long muscle was spread out for him.

Unnamed Magic Academy Setting (Patreon Exclusive)

Taran and the Great Infernal Arvalex (Arvalex/Taran)
A stressed-out student sorcerer gets a relaxing massage — and more — from his sexy demon familiar.
Deep laughter rumbles around the room, echoing from the stone walls. “I think you almost had it that time, Master.”

Taran and the Never-Ending Lube (Arvalex/Taran)
Arvalex assists with Taran’s continued pursuit of a suitable thesis project.
Taran jumps up suddenly. “I’ve got it!” he shouts, elbowing over one of the lube vials. He swears and manages to catch it before it falls off the counter like the last one.

Unnamed Modern Vampire Setting (Patreon Exclusive)

Digital Prey (Jason/Felix)
Vampire hunter Jason meets a surprisingly modern — and very pretty — vampire.
Jason has found vampires in all sorts of places. Graveyards, nightclubs, museums. But he’s never found one in an arcade before.

Dinner Date (Jason/Felix)
Felix is desperate enough to ask a hunter for help.
Felix doesn’t open the hookup app every day. About once a week, maybe, whenever he gets hungry.