The Warlock’s Summons


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Ellis desperately wants to be useful, but when Lord Briaron requests his assistance with a spell, he isn’t sure how he’ll be able to help. Unlike his warlock lover, he knows nothing about magic. But he doesn’t need to know magic for the huge task Briaron has in mind.

When Briaron summons a powerful demon, he asks Ellis to pay an intimate price for the demon’s services. Submissive, devoted Ellis is eager to prove himself by performing under Briaron’s heated gaze—but will the massive, dominant demon be too much for Ellis to handle?

The Warlock’s Summons is the third standalone book in the Sorcery and Submission series. This 7,400-word tale of scorching-hot gay sex includes sadism and masochism, domination and submission, dirty talk, voyeurism, and one overwhelming demonic encounter.

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