The Necromancer’s Light

Available July 30, 2021!

As a necromancer, Shae loses a little more of himself every time he uses his magic. Always cold, always touch-starved, the only thing that helps is human contact. But that’s hard to come by when those same dark powers scare everyone away from him. Nobody likes a necromancer.

Especially a paladin of the Radiant Order.

Arthur’s still bitter and broken after his last lover stabbed him in the back, and the last thing he needs is another brush with evil. When he agrees to escort the wandering necromancer north, he’s just doing a public service.

But he never expected Shae to be so clingy. Or distractingly attractive.

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Spring Fae’s Embrace

Sage doesn’t mean to trespass—the first time. He just accidentally hikes into the Fae King’s magical forest. And instead of punishing him, Auberon rewards Sage with a kiss that turns his heart upside down.

The second time Sage trespasses is definitely on purpose. But when Sage breaks their deal, Auberon vanishes.

Now, Sage is desperate for a new bargain.

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Winter Werewolf’s Claim

Shy and awkward Ash is used to being overlooked and left behind, but getting lost in a blizzard with a sprained ankle is totally new.

And being rescued by a giant wolf, who turns into a protective, possessive, smoking-hot lumberjack of a man?

Ash just needs shelter from the storm. Marius wants to claim him forever.

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