Werewolf Happy Hour


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Avery’s looking for a good time after ending a bad relationship. He heads to his favorite bar for a night of distractions, dancing, and—if he’s lucky—a chance to flirt with the cute bartender he’s been crushing on for months. Now that he’s single, he can finally make a move.

Jack’s not just the bartender at the Blue Moon—he’s also second in command of the local werewolf pack. Both jobs keep him busy, but recently he’s felt something was missing from his life. Especiallyafter that cute redhead started visiting the Blue Moon earlier that year.

When Avery and Jack finally hit the dance floor, sparks fly—and Jack realizes Avery is his mate. But is Avery ready for his rebound to turn into his happily ever after?

Werewolf Happy Hour is a standalone M/M shifter story. Mix yourself a drink and settle in for 9,000 words of shameless flirting, dirty dancing, bondage, and more!

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