Bitten Steady


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Alec’s getting the hang of this blood delivery thing. Now, he’s done with finals, and he can’t wait to celebrate the end of the semester with his dominant vampire lover. Even if Leander just sees this as a business transaction, he wants to make the most of the night. But when the agency calls, everything goes wrong. Alec’s ordered to deliver blood once again—to a different vampire.

Alec doesn’t want give blood to another vampire, but he’s under contract. And it’s just blood, not sex, but it still feels like a betrayal. The delivery service brought Alec and Leander together—now, will it tear them apart? Or will the crisis bind them even closer?

Bitten Steady is 8,500 words of scorching-hot gay vampire-on-human action, filled with domination, submission, mirror kink, and a bite to remember!

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